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Commercial Solar in New York Tri-State

Two examples that demonstrate Prime Solar Power's experience & expertise in large commercial PV Solar installations are shown below. On the left is a 123 kWp new construction installation for six office buildings and on the right, a 96 kWp utility installation.

New York commercial solarNew York solar power

Reasons to own a Commercial Solar System

  • Low payback period and High affordability

The cost of owning a New York commercial solar system has never been lower.  In fact, depending on the system and your tax situation, you may realize the breakeven point in as little as 2-3 years.  You may even finance part of the cost using solar loans available through your utility, which may reduce what you pay out-of-pocket and increase IRR dramatically.

  • Reduce Your Building's Operating Costs

One thing is for sure - electricity prices have increased dramatically over the past 5 years and will continue to do so in the future.  Installing a solar energy system is equivalent to prepaying for up to 30 years of electricity at a fraction of the cost of current (and indeed future) rates.  All of the state and government incentives are basically paying a significant portion of this prepaid electricity. So why not take advantage of this opportunity to have your electricity costs subsidized, especially if energy costs are a large portion of your overhead.

  • Make a Balance Sheet Transfer

Installing a solar energy system on your commercial building will allow you to turn your variable electricity costs into a fixed cost on your balance sheet and reduce your long-term operating expenses.

  • Tax-advantaged Asset

Take advantage of several solar-related tax benefits:

+ 30% Investment Tax Credit

+ No increase in assessment for Property Taxes

+ Accelerated 5-year Depreciation Schedule

+ As a customer you do not pay any sales tax for investing in a solar PV system

  • Low Maintenance & Ironclad Reliability

Solar energy systems require virtually no maintenance and operate with no noise.  Most commercial roofs are easily accessible and maintained.  Our solar modules provide clean electricity for at least 25 years and is just as functional and more reliable (especially with a battery backup system) than the standard utility electricity.

  • Be a "Green" Business

By using Solar Energy, you are expressing a compassion for the environment and community around you. A growing number of consumers are now making buying decisions based on the environmental responsibility of the business. Demonstrate your environmental responsibility with a solar energy system. It will differentiate you from your competitor, and may be the tipping point to drive their business to you. Going "green" today not only delivers numerous financial benefits to your business, but can also be a terrific source of public relations and a unique

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Why New York Tri-State Should Hire Us for Commercial Solar

Our solar company specializes in the professional installation of quality New York solar panels, commercial solar, solar cells and photovoltaic systems that will help lower your commercial energy usage and reduce environmental damage.  We guarantee that once we are finished with your new commercial PV solar installation, you will be completely satisfied not only with our services, but our quality solar products as well.

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