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Solar Consultation In New York Tri-State

New York Solar Consultation

The experts at Prime Solar Power offer free solar consultation in New York. When you schedule your initial consultation with us, we will find out your expectations for your new solar system, assess your monthly electric bills and your current roof life. Next, our solar installers will evaluate your home or business for solar readiness. We measure roof size and tilt along with shadowing elements.

Finally, our experts will deliver a proposal for your new New York solar system that includes financial projections, technical & aesthetic recommendations. Once you are satisfied with our proposal, our experts will start the installation process.

Our New York Tri-State Solar Consultation Services

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Why New York Tri-State Should Hire Us for Solar Consultation

An in-home consultation from one of our specialists can help you understand how the correct size is determined for your usage and the available space. There are many factors which are taken in to account in order to find the right size system and New York solar panels for your needs. Among them are your monthly electricity needs,available space for the solar system, access to the sunlight, budget, etc.

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